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Choosing Better Marketing Practices

After a strong first few years in business, our sales started to drag a little bit. I knew that we needed to do something to improve things, so we started looking into different ways to get our name out there. We hired an innovative marketing team, and they were really incredible at improving our ranking online. This blog is completely dedicated to choosing better marketing practices and understanding how to build your business from the ground up. I know that with the right moves, you can make your business stand out apart from the rest. You never know, you might be surprised with how far you can go.


Simplifying Data Analysis with Excel Add-Ons

Data analysis is a crucial component of marketing strategies. It provides valuable insights into customer behavior, allowing businesses to make informed decisions. However, handling large datasets and performing complex calculations can be time-consuming and overwhelming. This is where Excel add-ons come into play, providing marketers with powerful tools to simplify and enhance their data analysis process. Discover the benefits of using Excel add-ons for marketing data analysis. Advanced Statistical Analysis Read More 

Ways A Branding Agency Can Help Manage Your Brand

Creating and managing a successful brand can be a complex task, and many businesses turn to professional branding agencies for assistance. A branding agency can provide valuable expertise and guidance to help ensure that your brand communicates your values and reaches your target audience. Read on to explore the various ways a branding agency can help manage your brand, including naming and positioning, brand architecture, brand strategy and planning, messaging, and more. Read More 

Benefits Of Using Online Audience Data Plugins

If you run a website or a blog, you might be interested in knowing more about your online audience. Who are they? Where do they come from? What are they interested in? How do they interact with your content? These are some of the questions that online audience data can help you answer. Online audience data is the information that is collected and analyzed about the visitors to your website or blog. Read More 

Mastering Social Media: Tips And Tricks For Real Estate Agents

Social media has become a powerful tool for real estate agents to showcase their listings, connect with potential clients, and build their brands. However, managing social media can take time and effort. Here are some tricks for social media management that will help you streamline your efforts and maximize your results. 1. Create a Content Calendar One of the biggest challenges in social media management is creating consistent content. To overcome this, create a content calendar that outlines your posts for each day of the week. Read More