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Choosing Better Marketing Practices

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Aerial Advertising: A Primer

Have you ever heard of the Good Year Blimp? It's a safe bet that you have – unless you've been living under a rock!  It's probably reasonable to say that aerial advertising was one of the smartest decisions that Goodyear ever made and this article will tell you how you can make messages in the sky work for your small business, too.

Aerial Advertising Basics

Aerial advertising began in the United States in the 1930s and today the options for aerial messages are many. Banners, logos, lighted signs, sky-writing and aerial billboards can be towed behind small planes or helicopters, plastered to blimps or hot air balloons, or drawn through the sky by unmanned drones.

Messages can cover more than 5,000 square feet and are fully customizable. You can select a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Interchangeable messages and trailing letters can be combined to tailor the advertisement to your specific needs.

Your advertisement will be flown about 1,000 feet above land and 500 feet above beaches, targeting audiences at rock concerts, sporting events, theme parks, during rush hour traffic and parades, or any event of your choice. Your message will be viewed by thousands of people for an average of 17 seconds at a time – because who doesn't look up when they hear noise overhead, right?

Aerial Advertising Cost

As a small business owner, your bottom line is ever important. You know that advertising is a necessary expense, but aerial advertising isn't necessarily expensive! While the prices vary based on design, length of time in the air, etc., you can expect to spend between $650 and $750, to show your message to 30,000 to 40,000 potential customers at a single event.

Of those, 88% will remember seeing the advertisement after 30 minutes, 79% will remember the product or service being advertised and 67% will be able to recall at least half of the message.

Why Aerial Advertising Works

Competition in the marketplace is staggering, no matter what market you're in. To draw customers in you have to make your mark. When combined with other, more common methods of advertising, aerial displays can really make you stand out from the rest.

Aerial advertising is effective because:

  • It reaches thousands of people in a short time frame
  • It's unique and creative
  • Messages are short and easy to remember
  • It can be used in nearly any market
  • It's inexpensive compared to other advertising options

Using aerial advertising allows you to tailor your message to your audience, grab their attention quickly and keep their attention for longer periods of time than other advertising methods.

Whether you choose a great big banner, a blimp, or sky-writing, aerial advertising is a great way to reach a nearly captive audience who can't help but look up to see what is making noise.  As long as you know what you want to say, options for your aerial message are endless and inexpensive. Be the first small business in your town to use aerial advertising and start reaping the rewards right away! Contact a business like High Exposure Inc Aerial Advertising for more information.