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Choosing Better Marketing Practices

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Restaurant Owners: 3 Ways to Engage Customers through Text-Messaging Marketing

A majority of people have a phone in their pocket, so it makes sense that text messaging is one of the best ways to reach people directly. Along with social media and email, text messaging is one of the more direct forms of marketing. Cell phone users are apt to read texts as they are received, and texting is a great way to build a customer base while showcasing some of your newest offers. For restaurant owners, here are three different ways to use text-message marketing to promote a business. Incorporating a mix of these ideas will make it a lot easier to showcase different menu options and services that are available.

Coupon Codes

Make using coupons easy with direct codes that are sent to phones. Printing coupons can be a hassle, but using coupon codes will make the process instant. Using coupon codes also allows you to select specific coupons for certain users instead of just creating broad coupons available for everyone. For example, when someone signs up for your texting promotions, you can have them type in their birthday. This allows you to send out a special birthday meal coupon on their day.


Instead of just sending plain text, you can use small images like emojis to send messages. The colorful pictures can draw attention from customers and help entice them for various meals. For example, if your restaurant has a happy hour, then you can send an emoji of two beer mugs clinking together. The visual appeal of an emoji can help draw out the other senses of the reader, including smell and taste. Additional food and dessert emojis include slices of pizza, doughnuts, and watermelon.

Video Texts

The advancements in phones has drastically changed the speed and ability for viewing all types of messages. You can now easily reach thousands of customers with short videos that can be viewed instantly on customers' phones. These videos can showcase a fresh meal being prepared, a steaming lobster pulled from the pot, or happy customers enjoying the restaurant food. Keeping the videos under ten seconds is a great way engage customers and ensure they view them in their entirety. A text-marketing company can help you set up and convert videos for smaller file sizes and easy texting. The videos can be silent or feature sounds like voice-over on them.

Contact a marketing company to help set up a text-messaging account. This will ensure that everything is organized and that a lot of the work is taken care of by professionals.