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Choosing Better Marketing Practices

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Deciding What To Add To Your Golf Scorecard Design

When designing your golf course, every single detail matters. Even the scorecard can have an impact on the perception that your guests have of your course. To create unique scorecards, there are many ideas that you might want to consider implementing.

Design And Functionality

To make the scorecard useful, it is important that the scorecard be designed to improve the status of your course while simultaneously maximizing the functionality of the scorecard. The scorecard needs to still be durable and must also be highly functional. A business that specializes in printing golf scorecards will provide a variety of options so that it is easier to determine which option will be the best for your consumer base.

Color Choices

One of the most common colors implemented for golf course settings is green. This is driven by the fact that green is a color that dominates golf courses. Simply having sections of the score card made of solid green is enough to make your score card look minimalist and stylish. It may seem cheaper to print your scorecards in black and white, but this will also make your scorecards look cheaper.


One option is to print a scorecard that uses an image that highlights the golf course on which the scorecard will be used. This can help reinforce brand recognition and can also allow those who visit your beautiful golf course to simply spend time enjoying the spectacle you have created.


Another useful design feature that can be added to a golf scorecard is a map. If a map is included, customers will have an easier time navigating the golf course, and the inclusion of the map simply looks more professional.

Useful Information

If there is enough room on the scorecard, one idea is to add useful information to the scorecard. For example, you could include the rules that your guests are expected to follow. You can also use the card to provide the story of why your golf course was founded if there is an interesting story that can help your guests fall in love with your course even more.

Small details such as the golf scorecard may not seem as important, but even the smallest impressions can make a difference. Also, don't forget that your guests may bring their golf scorecards home and the card will serve as a reminder of the fun that your guest had at your facility. Contact a company like Fore Better Golf for more ideas.