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Choosing Better Marketing Practices

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What You Should Know About Targeted Advertising

Targeting your television audience helps to get your message directly to your audience. There are two types of targeting advertising, which include addressable and data-driven. The following are some things you should know about both types of targeted advertising;

What Is the Difference?

Data-driven advertising uses data to evaluate the viewing behavior and demographics of an audience. A buyer will purchase access to specific demographic data sets from collection companies that collate the data. With this data, the buyers develop a media plan that chooses programming based on that specific set of consumers.

Addressable advertising targets a household. It is based on buying the information for the audience no matter which programming or how they watch, such as delayed or live.

How Is This Information Used?

Both forms of targeting are useful, especially for local advertisers, but is also beneficial for national campaigns. When you develop your targeted audience, be sure you go after the correct audience and utilize a combination of data-driven and addressable advertising.

Using both tactics is great for buyers and sellers alike. The more specific you are in your language, the better. A seller will know exactly what the clients want and create an offering that is more efficient than a typical demo deal.

How Do You Build a Media Plan?

The process of building a media plan with targeted audiences is fairly easy and worth the results. First, you should have a goal in mind. Be sure to set KPIs you can easily verify and have an open mind as to how they can be achieved. You should also obtain good data sets. Only use trusted companies that comply with all privacy regulations, including local, national, and international. Television advertising does not have the issues with privacy that internet advertising does.

All data used for television audiences are anonymous. Addressable advertising has always been the primary user and has only changed with the introduction of new technology to help you be more precise in your targeting. A simple zip code can make a huge difference in your ability to target certain audiences.

Television advertising is a great way to meet your audience, even with the onslaught of digital and social media advertising. Do not put your television advertising on the back burner with the new advancements, as many people still are influenced by advertisements they see on television commercials. Targeting helps to get your message to your direct audience.

For more information, contact an audience targeted TV advertising service in your area.