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Choosing Better Marketing Practices

After a strong first few years in business, our sales started to drag a little bit. I knew that we needed to do something to improve things, so we started looking into different ways to get our name out there. We hired an innovative marketing team, and they were really incredible at improving our ranking online. This blog is completely dedicated to choosing better marketing practices and understanding how to build your business from the ground up. I know that with the right moves, you can make your business stand out apart from the rest. You never know, you might be surprised with how far you can go.


3 Email Marketing Changes In The Past Decade

Email marketing has been in use since the internet boom of the past few decades. Much like how technology has evolved, so has the use of email marketing. Email newsletters, ads, and content are delivered on a much different scale and with many new details.

When you team up with an email marketing campaign agency, you have the opportunity to apply new trends to your emails, reach more customers, and really stand out as you pop-up in people's inboxes. Check out some of the bigger changes in the past decade and how you can use those changes with an email marketing campaign.

1. Emojis in Subject Lines

The rise of cell phones has dramatically changed the way people read and access emails. The way users send text messages has influenced emails, especially when it comes to the use of emojis. Now many email providers allow you to add emoji symbols to the subject lines of an email. The emoji is a simple way to reduce text and draw attention to the email.

For example, if you run a pizza restaurant, you could find success with a pizza emoji picture. You could showcase a sale with dollar bill or money emojis. The way you use your emojis is important and a marketing campaign will see which emoji-based subject lines give you the most success.

2. Interactive Content

Emails no longer need to be static designs. Users do not always need to click and go to an external website to access information. Within an email window, you can offer consumers surveys, direct order options, and other dynamic content. The shift in content allows the emails to stay relevant.

An email marketing manager can make changes on the fly and help you establish all kinds of different ways to connect with consumers. The new methods will help your business thrive and find better success rates with the emails you send.

3. More Personalized Connections

In the past, you would send a general email out to consumers with their name filled in a blank. Now, software, algorithms, and accounts allow you to make emails more personal without the need to individually send each email out. The personalized connections will allow consumers to have a direct connection to your company.

An email marketing campaign agency such as List Services Corporation can work on the best ways to format those emails and what content to include. The end result helps build a digital relationship with your consumer.

Take all of the work out of your hands when you have an agency that represents your needs and can complete tasks on a daily basis.